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KSN Links Policy

The KSN website provides links to other external websites which we believe will provide:
  • Information of particular interest to volunteer youth coaches or to others involved with youth sports;
  • Information that fits our nonprofit status or our education mission.
  • Free resources and training in the area of youth sports.

Please note, however, that the information on any of these links is neither sponsored nor endorsed by KSN. We are not responsible for the accuracy of their contents or for the privacy practices used by other site owners. Also, be aware that the contents of any of these external sites may change without notice. Such change may cause a site to no longer be useful or appropriate. If you feel we have linked you to such a site, contact the KSN webmaster by e-mail and we will remove the link.

Sites who wish to have links from our site are responsible for respecting the copyright of other sites. If we suspect content is copied from other sites, the request will not be considered.

If you know of a website which you feel fits the criteria listed above, contact the to discuss possible inclusion of the link on our website. KSN reserves the right to decide if a link is inappropriate. Appropriate sites are added as time permits.

Note: We will not link to blogs or social network sites.

Registration and Announcement Page Criteria

In 100 words or less.

Please write your information in announcement format according to the following criteria. Check the page for samples of other announcements.

We do not post advertisements, or include cost or dollar amounts so write it more as an announcement. We do not add email addresses directly to our site. Spiders crawl the web to find email addresses to use for spam and other unwanted email messages. We will link to websites address if provided and appropriate to the announcement.

When information is written in the announcement format you see on that page, we can sometimes quickly post it to our site. This is a free service, done as other duties allow and we do not promise immediate posting.

The page is for announcements and information for San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. We reserve the right to refuse information especially if it does not fit the purpose of the page or follow the criteria listed above. This is a free service and we cannot guarantee when information will be posted.

Copyright Information

All contents, photos and data posted on this website and in KSN electronic and print publications are copyrighted to the Kids Sports Network. Sites or businesses especially nonprofit organization related to sports and youth sports in particular are free to link to our site, including deep links. Coping of material from our site or electronic or print publications on another website or in print is forbidden without written permission. Embedding our site in the frame of another site is also forbidden. Please contact us before using any content on our site including our logo. Permission to use our logo when indicating a link to our site from an appropriate site is generally granted but please ask first.

Note: Links from sites promoting or selling items or promoting ideas or actions contrary to our mission are forbidden.

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