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Youth Sports Links
Train your coaches
The single most important action a youth sports organization can take to enhance its program is to train its volunteer coaches. Encourage your organization to train their coaches. A Parent Orientation Program and Criminal Background Checks are also available.

Coaching Resource Links
Check out Basketball, Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, Baseball, Softball our Sports Official resource pages that provide coaches and sports officials with information and resources.

New Complete Summer Camp List: Kids Sports Network compiled a comprehensive list of Texas area Summer Sports Camps!

New Helpful Coaches FORMS:
Parent Letter (Hold a parent meeting.)
Parent Letter-Spanish Translation
Parent Brochure (Hand out at parent meeting.)
Parent Brochure-Spanish Translation
Incident/Injury Form (Have one with you at every practice and game)
Medical Info Form (Keep info at every practice and game)

Top 2 Drug-Free Resources for Coaches:
How to talk to kids about drugs. (Page 2 - a must for every coach)
Coaches "do's and don'ts" against drugs

Books & Videos
Click in the Books & Videos link for a list of websites that offer great material to support the work of youth sports coaches and administrators.

Making the Pros
This NCAA web page will help you keep a realistic perspective about the likelihood of your players making it to the pros. This John T. Reed article has a look back at a junior pee wee (age 8 to 11) football team he coached in 1992. It shows what each of those players did in football in the ensuing nine years. Posted 4/24/06

Microsoft Templates
Need a form for a Team Roster, Membership Application, Emergency Contact List, Fundraising Letters and even a Membership Database. These are just a few of the Community and Fundraising Templates available from Microsoft Templates.

Sports Rules
Excellent and very complete page that covers the rules for most sports and also provides rules of the various organizations offering each sport. Sports are listed in alphabetical order, making it very easy to search for the sports and organizations you work with.

Sports Know How
This site has field and court dimensions, history, rules and other information on a variety of sports. Posted 12/21/05

Court Diagrams - Douglas Sports
Need to know the dimensions of the court of play for most sports. This site provides PDF files of the layout for not only the usual team sports but also for Badminton, Darts, Handball, Judo, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Indoor Soccer and Water Polo. It is a commercial site selling equipment for the sports but it's also an informational site. Some of the sports have links to PDF file of the rules of that sport such as basketball.

Top Ten Sport Injuries
Check out the top 10 sports injuries and the proper treatment for each.

Sports Injury Clinic
You can click where it hurts and Virtual Therapist will give you relevant information. Scroll down in the left navigation area for a list of injuries and an explanation of the injury, e.g. ankle sprain. Registration is required to see the treatment options but explanations of the injuries are free.

It's Up To You
Have you suspected child abuse and not known what to do or who to call? The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services offers a great website that can help you with your Frequently Asked Questions about how to report abuse. It shows you two ways to Report Abuse and explains the laws that protect those who do report it, Important Hotline Numbers that are good to keep handy, and Intervention Programs available in your county. Don't let uncertainty keep you from making a difference in a child's life.

Family Watchdog
You can enter an address and see a map showing the location of registered and convicted sexual offenders and predators who live in the area of that address. The scary part is they are in almost every neighborhood. Click on any of the map legends to see the actual address, name and often the picture of the registered offender. You might want to check the areas where your teams practice and play.  Added 5/10/06

What to do
This page from a Soccer website in the UK has some good advice on what you need to know about child protection. Be sure to read down the page a way to what to do if a child tells you something that suggests they are being abused. It's good practical advise!

Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS)
How can a youth sports organization check the background of their volunteers? This can be a very complicated issue and any organization contemplating doing background checks should have a plan and policies in place and should consider using an organization to help them with the issues. The TDPS web site is the official Internet source of public record for Texas on Criminal Convictions, Deferred Adjudications and Sex Offender Registrations. You must be a registered user of the database to obtain some of the information but anyone can search the public area and a national website of registered sex offenders.

The Kids Sports Network now offers youth leagues an easy and inexpensive way to conduct Criminal Background Checks on their volunteer youth coaches and youth league administrators. For more information visit our Criminal Background Check page.

National Center for Sports Safety
Check out the articles for coaches which includes articles on overuse injuries, safe playing environments, preventing heat exhaustion and dehydration, first aide kits, and an emergency action plans. Also there are interesting facts on sports injuries.

Character Counts
This Web Site contains information about children developing good character, and how sports can play an important role. The sports section of this Web Site details the “Pursuing Victory with Honor” campaign, which was design for coaches, athletic administrators, counselors, sports officials, and other youth group administrators. These seminars go over themes such as ethics in sports, sportsmanship, moral character in young athletes, etc. This Website overall is a good reference for anyone involved and working with youth.

NAIA & NCAA Scholarship Information
An information site containing resources for student-athletes who want to apply for a college sport scholarships. Information and advice is free.

At this site you can create a Youth Sports Page and search their database for tournament listings.
A youth coaching resource site, with practical coaching advice for teaching a skill and a database of drills. A good site for the youth coach.
A site full of resource articles for those involved in youth sports.
A high school sports website covering high schools and sports in South Central Texas.

Support the Kids Sports Network
If you find these links pages helpful and would like to support the work of the Kids Sports Network, please consider making a tax-deductible donation by using the Local Independent Charities online system. If you prefer to write a check or would like more information about donating to KSN, visit our donate page.

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