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Parents of young children just starting out in sports often find it difficult to locate sports programs. Rarely can you find listings that contain all of the options that are available in the community. Helping you find youth sports programs is one of the functions of the Kids Sports Network (KSN). You can call (210) 654-4707 and KSN personnel will direct you to available youth sports programs. But where else can you find this kind of information?

For information on youth sports outside the San Antonio area check the answer on our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.

The San Antonio Area Youth Sports Organization page of this website provides information about children’s sports programs in and around San Antonio and Bexar County focusing on non-school sports leagues and events with a special emphasis on team sports. In many cases listed phone numbers contain recorded messages with more information about the program and with directions on how to register or who else to contact. If a number you call is incorrect, or if you simply cannot determine whom to call, contact the at (210) 654-4707.

Remember that the registration for many youth sports programs occurs months before actual play begins. For example youth football games start at the beginning of September but registrations may start as early as May or June. If you wait until you see teams practicing, it is often too late to find a place on a team.

Many elementary schools will distribute flyers about youth sports programs. They may also have information relevant to programs near the school. Middle or Intermediate schools are less likely to send flyers home. The number of students is larger and the percentage of students participating in non-school sports tends to drop off during these middle school years.

Community Education departments of school district may also offer classes on some sports, for example cheer, tennis, golf, karate and dance.

Many youth sports organizations now have website or voice mail containing information about their programs. More youth sports organizations now keep a phone number and website even if their volunteer leadership changes.

The telephone directory may have listings for YMCA's, Boys & Girls Clubs and Parks and Recreation facilities as well as some volunteer organizations, Pop Warner, Little League etc. If you call a number listed in the telephone book but no one answers, you may have reached a field number answered only during games. This is happening less frequently as more organizations use answering machines and voice mail.


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